The research center today

The library includes more than 500 texts, partly coming from the Florentine Higher Institute of Physical Education (ISEF)ʼs library and partly from membersʼ donations. The libraryʼs consistency is enriched by over 200 thesis about historical topics. The newspaper and periodical library includes scientific, technical and educational journals related to physical education and sportʼs topics.

Congresses, Conferences, Courses
The first educational course, focused on the training of physical education, was held in the school year 1966/67, in agreement with the Education Authority of Florence. Since then the Research Centre has organized over 40 cultural events, in collaboration with other organizations, both nationally and internationally, including an European Congress of Sports Management and an European Congress of Sport History. To the left side a “historical” selection of some cultural initiatives organized by the Research Centre.

Research activity
This is a growing field. The research and study experiences developed over the years 1981-2001 within the Florentine ISEF, both at technical and scientific level, are the main landmark of our research activities. Crucial in this area are synergies with academic institutions.


Centro di Studi per l’Educazione Fisica e l’Attività Sportiva
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